Scene Study/Audition Prep

. Some of the finest advice I was ever given was “React to what you are given, not what you expect to be given”. At some point or another, the character you play will need to interact with other fellow actors. We will work on how to listen and react to the words/ reactions that you are given by other characters. Acting is not just waiting for your next line. It’s listening and reacting truthfully to what your scene partner is giving you and responding how your character perceives the world. We will focus on being in the moment and responding to the stimuli around you.

Monologue 101

All actors are expected to have a monologue in their back pocket ready to be brought out at any moment… Most theatre and sometimes film/tv/audio auditions will require you to present a monologue. Requests may include a classical and/or contemporary monologue (drama and comedic). Having a solid monologue that you can produce on the the spot for a director/producer is the sign of a true professional. Bring your own choice of monologue(s) with you (or call ahead for suggestions) and I will help you get your monologue to a level that adequately presents your skills and abilities as an actor.


Been asked to do an accent or dialect in a play/film/tv show/musical/voice work or webisode? Notify me of which one and we will spend the hour creating a basic outline for you to reference and practice the sounds with guidance. Ideal for Auditions prep.

All classes are $60/hr, payable in advance.

Upon booking your session, you will be sent an invoice. Please pay immediately to confirm your appointment and time. If the session is not paid for, your session may be booked to someone else. Cost can be shared between yourself and a scene partner. Email for more information.

Vocal Production/Technique/Singing

Using your voice can be more stressul than you think. Especially after a long day on set, or doing a play and speaking for two hours straight. I can show you exercises and techniques to enhance your vocal muscles, expand your breath control, improve diction and increase your volume level without straining your vocal chords.